Visualize and Analyze

Metrics that are easily visualized are better than a 1000 words. We carefully observe and analyze the installed metrics, then project them on the desired performance, which makes it visual. What’s in the box: Python, Matplotlib, Graphiz, Mongodb, Performance Analytics, Reporting, Dashboards

Keywords: Process Analysis, Visualization and Continuous Improvement.

Prepare Structure and Systems

We aim high to make sure that the right structure is in place. This gives us a head start in place to deliver the most optimal performance possible. Defining and documenting foundations and installing the right metrics, sometimes enforced by quality software. What’s in the box; process analysis and improvement. Who, what, when and how.

Keywords; ServiceNow, SugarCRM, others

Develop Training

Experienced trainers should prepare trainees for playing in the highest league. How can we expect staff to act quick and efficient without proper training ? We aim for maximum productivity. We have trained management, procedural, pre-sales, sales and post-sales for a.o. APG, Vodafone, Ericsson, Huawei, Afcent North, Dell and ServiceNow. What’s in the box: training, training development, workshops.

Keywords; Technical Ability, Cultural changes, Communication, Speed and Consistency.


Simple Rules can assist an organization in achieving both strategical and tactical goals: starting from the measuring ‘to know’ to delivering the ‘how to’. What’s in the box: development, execution and adjustments.

Keywords; Interim Management, project execution, project support.